Think Tank «Center for Safety Assessment in Emerging Technologies»

  • The objective of the organization is to apply all possible tools to increase the activity of citizens in the safe usage of advanced technologies to address pressing issues of society: environmental protection, fighting the causes and negative effects of global climate change, promoting the usage of renewable energy sources, the safety of nanotechnologies, creating environmentally friendly processes for food manufacturing, processing, and consumption, etc.
  • The activity of the Organization has a public character, which is manifested in its interaction with public authorities, local governments, enterprises, institutions, organizations of various forms of ownership, establishing partnerships with other public organizations, movements, foundations registered in Ukraine or abroad, citizens Ukraine, foreigners and/or stateless persons.
  • The CSAET team is ambitious professionals who use new technologies to change the field of education for the better every day. This fact is an important prerequisite for the successful implementation of the presented project idea.

Scientific, analytical, expert, informational, educational and advisory support of design and implementation of emerging technologies safe for the environment and society in accordance with international standards and up-to-date scientific achievements.